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A Note from Composer Oliver Caplan to Music Director Dan Perkins

Dear Dan,

I’ve been reflecting on Eve, the Absinthe Drinker and Alice in context of this past week’s events, in particular how these voices resonate with the stages of grief.

For members of NHMC who may still be struggling to process the past week, I’ve penned some thoughts on channeling emotions they may be feeling through this piece. If you feel it is appropriate, I would love for you to share these at your rehearsal this weekend.

If you have ever felt “othered,” judged for simply being yourself, express that Anger through Eve. And yet, perhaps you have moments of longing for a time when things were simpler, innocent, free of division – your own personal Eden. Express that too.

If the pain you feel becomes so powerful at times that you want to numb all emotion; if you want to hide under the covers, escape; express your Grievance through the Absinthe Drinker.

If you find yourself confused at the ways of the world, at times, nonsensical, surreal, Kafka-esque, channel this anxiousness through Alice. And yet, amidst your despair, perhaps you were overcome by a moment of beauty: a sunset, a flower, a hug from a dear friend. Your heart couldn’t help but skip a beat and you re-dedicated yourself to all that you believe in. Express that Transformation through Alice too, your personal quest to touch the world, bearing your artist soul.


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