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Franz Joseph Haydn’s masterwork Missa in Tempore Belli (Mass in Time of War) is the centerpiece of the New Hampshire Master Chorale’s final concert of its 19th season. Haydn composed it in 1796 at a time when all Europe was in turmoil as Napoleon’s army advanced on Austria. The timeless texts of the Mass symbolize stability and comfort, while the work’s insistent timpani strokes in the Agnus Dei suggest approaching strife. The urgency of the concluding Dona nobis pacem (“give us peace”) conveys the foreboding mood of Europe at the time – and our own present moment.


The program also includes two recent works by the American composer Joel Thompson. Troubled by repeated killings of unarmed black men, Thompson wrote Seven Last Words of the Unarmed in 2014 as a way to channel his sadness and outrage. He sets the last utterances of seven victims in an echo of Haydn’s The Seven Last Words of Christ, incorporating a secular French tune from the 15th century that dozens of Renaissance composers used in Mass settings. The other Thompson piece, America Will Be!, is a hopeful celebration of the nation’s diversity. It draws on the poetry of Langston Hughes, Emma Lazarus’ famous inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty, and aspirational sentiments in no fewer than 11 languages contributed by immigrant high school students.

Patrons may support the orchestra, soloists, or a singer from NHMC. Each category has a funding goal. Donors will be recognized in the concert program booklet and on the NHMC website and Facebook page if they wish. Donations of $500 or more will receive 2 complimentary tickets.

All donations are tax deductible.
Image by Lucas Alexander

Orchestra Sponsorship

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Violin ~ (8) $175 per violin

 Viola ~ (3) $175 per viola

Cello ~ (2) 175 per cello

Double Bass ~ (1) $175 per double bass

Oboe ~ (2) $175 per oboe

Bassoon ~ (2) $175 per bassoon

Trumpet ~ (2) $175 per trumpet

Timpani / Percussion~ $500

Piano / Organ ~ (1) ~ $500



Soprano (2) ~ $700

Alto (2) ~ $700

Tenor (2) ~ $700

Bass (2) ~ $700


NHMC Singers

Sponsor a singer from the New Hampshire Master Chorale. Sponsorship level begins at $50.

Please note: The sponsorship amounts do not represent the actual orchestra cost. This is an interactive way to have our audience and members participate in our concert process and to support NHMC.


How You Can Help:
1. Use our Online Orchestra Sponsorship 

2. Donate to one of our sectional facebook fundraisers

3. Download the PDF, print and mail with a check.

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