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Two Big Arrivals!

This week we welcomed two big pieces of news and music to the New Hampshire Master Chorale family!

First, we received our premiere piece from Kim André Arnesen, Voices of the Silenced. The choral score has come in at 9 movements, over 100 pages, and with 50 minutes of music instead of the 40 that we had originally planned. We are incredibly grateful to Kim for producing such an excellent, thoughtful, and engaging work.

Last night we were honored to give the work it's first sing through, reading each of the poems out loud to each other before singing it, led by Dan Perkins from the piano.

The work is finally in our hands after more than 12 months of being in Kim's, and we couldn't be more excited for that privilege.

We now have eight weeks of rehearsal ahead of us as we work through and learn Voices of the Silenced alongside music by composers like Saunder Choi, David Conte, Michael Conley, and Alexander L'Estrange.

Our second piece of news was a big surprise to us over the weekend.

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor we have the ability to now offer a September matching challenge for $3,000. If we can raise $3,000 before the end of the month, this donor will add another $3,000 to our fundraising campaign giving us a surge of $6,000 as we head into October.

Will you consider a gift of $25 or more this month to help us achieve our matching challenge?

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