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Music Changes Us All

All living things are connected.

This bond, whatever its identity, known by whatever name you choose,

is undeniable, omnipotent, expressed by powerful emotion.

For our upcoming concerts, Dan has chosen music which reflects our universal commonality. The centerpiece, The Wound in the Water, is by Norwegian composer Kim André Arnesen, with texts by European poet Euan Tait.

As is often true of poetry, meaningful but curious ambiguity leaves room for interpretation. But there is no ambiguity in the transcending harmonic lines. Lush, swelling, soaring, lyrical. Stunning.

Words are certainly part of the experience. Harmony is another.

And you, our dear listeners, provide the ears, the heart and the soul.

This incredible music has changed us.

It will change you.

Please join us.

The Universe

Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 7pm First Congregational Church 177 North Main Street in Concord, NH

Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 4pm Plymouth Congregational Church 4 Post Office Square in Plymouth, NH

$30 Adults $25 Senior Free admission for students K-Undergraduate

Tickets available at and at the door.

For more reflections on the the texts, please follow our facebook page:

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